Big Auction

Big Auction

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jon Newland

One of garage goons, Jonathan- aka Jack , Newland has been my best friend for over a decade. He started to hang out with me during the college days. I got into an art show which was held at Go Away Garage in 1998 then became a frequent face there and shortly after so did he. He joined Marines and ended up going to the war but whenever he had a leave, he was drinking beer, playing video games with me and hanging at the garage. After the service was done, he was back at the garage.

Last year, garage goons talked about having a goon show, which will be an art show consists of art works done by goons. Jon had decided to make a motorcycle with wood. He spend quite bit of time in front of computer doing research. During that time, he signed up for one of those social net work sites. He found some of old family friends who used to go to a church together there. The family had many children and one of them happened to be a 21 year old daughter. He started to date the girl and ended up marrying her yesterday. I was his best man and made a cake topper for them. Mitch was one of groomsmen.

So, the goon show kind of hook them together.

However, a lot of Jon's free time was consumed by this marriage thing and now, he is not able to make the wooden bike for the show like he was planning earlier this year. Hahaha. Congrats Jon. We love you. And welcome to the garage family, Christy.

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  1. good luck john and christy! and john since the wedding is now over you can pay most attention to building the wooden motorcycle.