Big Auction

Big Auction

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cousin at Tokyo Motor Show

Only other motorcycle lover in my family is my cousin.

There is no one in my family (who are still alive) that has ever owned or ridden motorcycles, except scooters, other than him.

Anyway, as a motorcycle enthusiast, he went to Tokyo Motor show to check the New (but old school) Honda CB1100 out.

The return of UJM...

My cousin said he liked sitting on it. It was more compact than he thought and simple good old-school bike.

Apparently, there are many models that were only available in Japan has disappeared in last few years. My cousin is worried that this new CB1100 might be in the same fate in a few years. I know a lot of old timers are going nuts over this bike, but still doesn't mean it will do well commercially.

I wonder my cousin might buy this bike... It might all depend on his wife.

Thanks for the report, Hirokazu.

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  1. is everything getting covered up with fairing these days? i agree that bikes look better naked.