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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Freddie Spencer

Freddie Spencer was the man back in days. I remember watching him race when I was a kid. I wanted to be like him. Battles between him and King Kenny was among the greats. He is the youngest person to win 500cc GP, which was the heavy weights of the motorcycle racing back then. He also won 250cc, 500cc world champ in the same year, which must have been freaking hard to achieve.

I have noticed that recent motorcycle magazines we share at the garage has advertisements of some bike events, mentioning that his appearance there. Honestly, quite a few of them and everywhere. He appeared in Suzuka circuit and riding his former champion machine for fans not too long ago. Somewhat surprising. I knew he opened up a motorcycle racing school in Vegas after his retirement from racing. If you go to the school's website,, you will only get info that the site has been expired. I hear the school had successful ran for 11 years, but ended suddenly last year. There is a rumor of an ugly and expensive divorce for him. I guess he has to make money for alimony... It is sad. Sucks to be married to someone greedy. If I had tons of money, I might hire him to show up at the garage and just drink beer with us.


  1. the one year i went to the daytona 200,...
    ..back in the 80's.. fast freddy was the winner!.. that was by far the koolest thing in daytona. that n the "how many times can you kick start your motorcycle ina minute" contest.. won by a H-D 45ci...

  2. Anyone know his wife's name? Need to throw some rotten vegetables at her!