Big Auction

Big Auction

Monday, November 30, 2009

Go Away means GO AWAY

Like it says on the side bar, Go Away Garage started from the sign put out by Mitch who was tired of people stopping by to chat, taking up his time to work.
He had this sign out today. Some still stopped by. One of them was a salesman. Apparently they can't read.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goon Show Opening

The goon show, Cheap thrills opened on 27th. It was on Final Friday, when all the galleries are open night- it was pretty nice turn out as much as I can remember.... Closing should be even better.
Mitch and Mark did superb job putting them together.

Sancho sold all the work he had there. That is why he is counting money.

Buck missed the whole thing; he was in hospital...

It was also nice to see all the old goons showing up to support the show.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Maze a.k.a. Wichita VA Hosp.

here's where Switchum wandered the halls in search of my room in order to kindly deliver me some books. Not only do they not have signs enough up but they change things around continously also keeping the veterans confused for awhile. as soon as we learn our way around once more things are changed again. in spite of this the place has kept me going for quite a few years and they've done it for the most part in a friendly and competent way. i actually like the place. i like home much better though and there is where i am once again with my cats, books, art, and motorcycle engines. thanks to go-away garage, switchum and john for its enlargement tonight.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Get Well Buck

I visited Buck at local V.A. Hospital.

Tried to look it up in the phone book so that I would know exact address. I could not find it.

Looked up on-line. Was not hard to find. Rode my bike up there.

It was like maze once I got there. I spent more time looking for the room he was in than actually visiting him.

They need better and more maps in the hallways.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Freddie Spencer

Freddie Spencer was the man back in days. I remember watching him race when I was a kid. I wanted to be like him. Battles between him and King Kenny was among the greats. He is the youngest person to win 500cc GP, which was the heavy weights of the motorcycle racing back then. He also won 250cc, 500cc world champ in the same year, which must have been freaking hard to achieve.

I have noticed that recent motorcycle magazines we share at the garage has advertisements of some bike events, mentioning that his appearance there. Honestly, quite a few of them and everywhere. He appeared in Suzuka circuit and riding his former champion machine for fans not too long ago. Somewhat surprising. I knew he opened up a motorcycle racing school in Vegas after his retirement from racing. If you go to the school's website,, you will only get info that the site has been expired. I hear the school had successful ran for 11 years, but ended suddenly last year. There is a rumor of an ugly and expensive divorce for him. I guess he has to make money for alimony... It is sad. Sucks to be married to someone greedy. If I had tons of money, I might hire him to show up at the garage and just drink beer with us.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

thought i'd post a picture of a real turkey for today. the fabulous YUGO!

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1865 Penn Marine Engine Factory

here are pictures of the manufacture of a paddle wheel crankshaft for a steam ship of the mid 19th century. as you can see all the machine tools are powered by a steam engine or engines running overhead shafts and belts

The Goon

is this the real thing? somewhat different than garage goons. we know how to use wrenches in a proper manner for one thing. you don't use a pipe wrench on a zombie for christ's sake, you use a monkey wrench.

Slant-Eye Goon

This was drawn on the door to the next door, where most of non-running motorcycles were kept before the front part of the garage was converted into art gallery. The Picture taken about 7 years ago.

No wonder they are expensive

The leather race suit can reduce the impact of a motorcycle crash. They're a sophisticated blend of craftsmanship and engineering.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hosk 500DA

this is the Hosk ohc twin from which the Yamaha XS-650 was ultimately developed.


a 1957 Hosk. Hosk was a Japanese manufacturer bought out by Yamaha. the famous Yamaha XS-650 is actually pretty much a Hosk design by way of Horex.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Honda 50cc

wish I could still get a new one for this price.

more from the Tokyo Motor Show

motorcycles and cars are not the only things on display at the Tokyo Motor Show. I have a yen for Suzuki Women.

Cousin at Tokyo Motor Show

Only other motorcycle lover in my family is my cousin.

There is no one in my family (who are still alive) that has ever owned or ridden motorcycles, except scooters, other than him.

Anyway, as a motorcycle enthusiast, he went to Tokyo Motor show to check the New (but old school) Honda CB1100 out.

The return of UJM...

My cousin said he liked sitting on it. It was more compact than he thought and simple good old-school bike.

Apparently, there are many models that were only available in Japan has disappeared in last few years. My cousin is worried that this new CB1100 might be in the same fate in a few years. I know a lot of old timers are going nuts over this bike, but still doesn't mean it will do well commercially.

I wonder my cousin might buy this bike... It might all depend on his wife.

Thanks for the report, Hirokazu.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Little Help

University of Minnesota engineering students have developed a motorcycle that can be ridden by paraplegics. The motorcycle is equipped with landing wheels much like the ones on a jet which allows riders to come to a stop as the wheels come down.

where it all began

here is a picture of the United States first oil well. oil was struck on August 27, 1859 by Edwin L. Drake in Titusville, Pa. as Go Away Garagers and lovers of the internal combustion engine it behooves us to know where it all started in the USA.

5 days to the Goon Show

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Honda RS750 D

talk about about one slick flat tracker this Honda is the bee's arse? elbows? knees? love to have one fitted out for street running.

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Honda 150 Benly Touring

if I only had one of these I could have some fun too. wait a minute I do have one. soon I'll have more fun than it's healthy to have.

Honda Dream

a very scenic dream indeed.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Honda Pacific Coast

the Suzuki SW-1 reminded me of the Honda Pacific Coast. too bad they didn't import the Suzuki I think i would like to have one. the Honda is a larger motorcycle being a liquid cooled 800cc v-twin. kinda like a huge scooter.

Raising Sun

Can you guess the make of the side cars?

Hint: the company no longer exists.

Hey Collin

Would you paint us a motorcycle with paint drip?

The Girl On a Motorcycle

The girl on a Motorcycle was a 1968 French movie starring , Marianne Faithful.
It is basically a movie about a married woman leaving her husband and zooms off on her motorcycle( 1967 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide)
to see her lover.

Marianne is an award-winning English singer, songwriter and actress whose career spans over four decades. Her early work in pop and rock music in the 1960s was overshadowed by her struggle with drug abuse in the 1970s. During the first two-thirds of that decade, and with little notice, only two studio albums were produced. After a long commercial absence, she returned late in 1979 with the landmark album, Broken English. Faithfull's subsequent solo work, often critically acclaimed, has at times been overshadowed by her personal history. By the way, she doesn't look very good now. Sad.

Picture by the director of the movie, Jack Cardiff

Nazi Having Fun

Anyone can have fun if you have a side car. Even in a wartime.

Mike The Bike

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Milton Reeves also produced the Sexto-Auto. this is the 1912 model. looks like it might have been easier to steer than the Octo-Auto.

VOTE YES for kids.

King Kirk and my daughter Libby
sunny day front of garage.



Hey Jon!

I have known him since he was a teenager. Time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like bananas.

I got him a toy Ducati and DVD of "Three Amigos", "Slap Shot" for birthday.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

world's most valuable toilet

here is the world's most valuable toilet. it is made of solid 24carat gold. it is in Hong Kong. can you believe no one is allowed to use it no matter how urgent the urge. i post this because i just fixed my leaky toilet and kinda had toilets on the brain right now. mine is not solid gold nor even silver, just plain old ceramic and white. oh well.