Big Auction

Big Auction

Friday, January 29, 2010

1949 El Kineno by Harley Earl

"1949 El Kineno: The El Kineno, perhaps the earliest ancestor of today’s crossover SUV/minivan, was custom-designed by Harley Earl for Richard Kleberg, boss of the King Ranch in Texas. Kleberg wanted a vehicle rugged enough to chase game and cattle through the ranch’s rough terrain, yet still sufficiently luxurious to transport visitors to the ranch in style. Earl filled the El Kineno with unusual features, including an oversized radiator and water storage tanks to handle the Texas heat, special brakes sealed to protect against sand and dust, and a tinted windshield to reduce the sun’s glare. A two-way radio telephone made it possible to communicate with the ranch house. One of the other interesting features of the El Kineno was the fully-stocked bar installed behind the front seat."
I don't know, but those appear to be rifle cases in the front fenders. I like the seat on the passenger side front fender. I wonder what the huge eye-bolt in the running board was used to tie down. Check out the cowhide flooring.

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  1. i'm familiar with a lot of Earl's stuff but not this one. pretty neat. nothing like a straight eight for smooth running.