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Big Auction

Monday, January 25, 2010

Black Military Police

I could not find any info on this unit. Other than "An MP on motorcycle stands ready to answer all calls around his area. Columbus, Georgia." April 13, 1942.

I wonder why they have to segregate the police as well.


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  1. look at the state, Georgia in the deep south. look at the time, 1942. no white man in Georgia in 1942 would have stood for a black man touching him let alone trying to arrest him. most likely it would have gotten thrown out of court if it got to court in the first place. that would hold true in the military as well. the black policeman knowing all the above probably wouldn't try to arrest a white man in any case. remember the army was also segregated until something like 1949 or so when Harry S. Truman as the commander in chief ordered it to be integrated.