Big Auction

Big Auction

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dropbars' CL350

I have seen this bike here and there at buncho' different bike blogs and forums and wondered about where it is actually from. It is from Texas (booo) but the bike is nicely done and the guy seems to be able to talk a lot of good looking girls into posing with this bike.

Dropbars sells t-shirts and all at the site Dropbars .
Here is his write up on his CL350 project and other bikes at The Total Motorcycle Community Forum

Yeah I am jealous.


  1. keep those comin' moto.
    been hear'n lil'grumblin's from local small c.c. bike lovers how "gay" cafe bikes are.
    i pity duh fools.

  2. it all depends on whether or not you go to a "gay" cafe on your bike. how do you tell if a bike is "gay" or not? limp handlebars? a lispy exhaust? number of cc's, name on the tank? who gives a shit, if it's got two wheels and an engine it's probably fun to ride regardless of where you go.