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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hand Signals

There are some hand signals between riders. From universal ones ( Turns, Stop, and Pass me) to ones that varies depending on location or whom you talk to. This was discussed in one of motorcycle enthusiasts sites that I frequently visit. I suggested in comment that we motorcyclists should organize the signs so that all the bikers would know that meaning. Also, most of those signs are for riders that you are riding with; from leaders to followers...and with the new technology like blue tooth communicator, those hand signals might get to be obsolete in the near future.
In Australia, it is common to warn other riders that there are police nearby. Point left index finger upward and circling by your head means "police ahead" there, that means "start your engine" in some area and patting your head(helmet) is used for "the police ahead" in the most of US.

In the site, one guy basically told me to look it up on google, and insisted that all the signs are pretty much the same. It was condescending which I learned to ignore- "If you can't be nice, go to the Internet" right?

I believe Semi-truckers have more nationally organized jargon because they travel all over the country and watch out for each other waaay more than motorcyclists. Motorcyclists often get divided by what kind of bike you ride or how you ride; there are many terms to insult any kind of motorcycles & motorcyclists and those are more commonly known than hand signals. Sad...


  1. It does seem a bit sad that we (motorcyclists) dont have universal hand signals. There were a few comments on the website that were shocked by this.

    I dig your blog and love the Go Away Garage Story.

  2. Thanks Scott. I love your site, man. Please keep up the good work. I did not realize it was based in Australia till recently. I am a dumb ass.