Big Auction

Big Auction

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Iron Man Leather Motorcycle Suit

There is a company that made batman suit replica which worked as a motorcycle suit. I thought about writing it in this blog and decided not to since it made me sad that some guy would spend over a grand to buy the suit and go out pretending he was batman.... probably would not even have a motorcycle....Much to surprise, the same company did the same to Iron Man ...Iron Man Mark V Motorcycle Suit($1,298) is just like the batman suit- a wearable form molded leather motorcycle suit... This one includes spandex, cowhide leather, and pearl red & silver aluminum metallic leather... Available in both individual pieces and a complete set. If you really think about buying this, please consider to donate the money to WWF or your choice of charity organization. You probably would feel better doing that than satisfying your greed by getting this silly suit.

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