Big Auction

Big Auction

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lossa CB550 on Craig's List

"This bike was built at Lossa Engineering in Long Beach. It has been customized and restored from the ground up. Candy blue powder coating, metallic silver Corvette paint, polished, and chrome parts makes this bike stand out from the rest. It took countless hours of custom fabrication. It was filmed for an upcoming TV show about Café Racers. It is registered until July of 2011. If interested, call Dave 562-508-7107. $6800 OBO "

Lossa CB550



6800 bucks? Sadly I have never seen the case of vintage Japanese bikes being sold that high...No matter how well it was built and looked awesome.

The link to the actual post has been expired. I have no idea if the seller got the close-to-asking money or gave up selling it for the price. It is a nice looking bike, though...

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