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Big Auction

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kaneda's Bike

 Kaneda's bike that Buck was talking about is put together by a Japanese company, Neo-Fukuoka. It was strictly made to order custom bike and I doubt that they still do it.

The bike was actually officially licensed by the writer/artist/director of "Akira", Katsuhiro Ootomo and his publishing company, Koudansha.
Since it was official "Kaneda's Bike", the form and styling was quite accurate and it is actual operable on street, however unlike the real one in the animation film, it runs with gasoline, not electric. Customer had choice of water-cooled 4 stroke motor, from 250cc to 400cc, and single to 4 cylinders. It also is rear wheel drive with 3 chains and 6 sprockets. The real one was 2 wheel drive. As you see in the picture, Neo-Fukuoka put linked steering system in order to avoid long rake of front fork.

They put DVD navigation system on dash, along with LED speedo/ tacho/ battery gause like the real one.
The man who made the concept bike( he goes by Neo-Fukuoka) spent about 7 years, talking to bike shops and custom builders everywhere to complete the first operable Kaneda bike.

This is what Neo-Fukuoka posted in his site about ordering one.

"Information of "neo-fukuoka 1/1 motorcycle" sale

The prices of base vehicles are from "2,500,000 yen." (From the about 21,500 U.S. dollars)

An Anime type body work is not attached.
Digital meter and a navigation system are not attached.
(body work, navigation system, and digital meter ,are order equipment.)

Base vehicles,
250cc water-cooled engine loading.
The frame and each part size are based on neo-fukuoka 1/1 motorcycle.

I prepare the same thing as Japanese specification.
It is also possible to carry 400cc engine depending on hope.

All vehicles are one article manufactures based on an order.

Please consult about a price, time for delivery, equipment, etc.

The reply of e-mail which asked is scheduled for April 6 or subsequent ones.
Thank you for your consideration.


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  1. thanks to mr. switchum for telling us more about the akira bike.