Big Auction

Big Auction

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wife Out Bikes In

Sadly Peter Calles' wife left him in 1986. But his house is still full of love. He had nice motorcycle collection going on in his garage but after the divorce, it expanded significantly. Once his garage was full, Peter moved to draining the fluids from his growing collection and simply depositing them in the house, nicely Feng shui-ed...

Aside from the Ducati Mark 3 in the bedroom, other rooms in the house feature a Ducati 900SS, a Mike Hailwood Replica and a zero mile Ducati 750F1 along with some MV Augustas, a soupçon of British machines and even a rare Harley.

“I love the sound and design of Italian motorcycles, particularly the Ducati twins. They may not have been as technically advanced, at any point in history, as the Hondas, but the swoops and curves of the Italian machines are seductively sexy. The 1970s vintage bevel-drive Ducatis, with Conti mufflers, make such beautiful mechanical music that they are highly prized by collectors.”

Pictures by Phil Aynsley and you can see the full set of Phil’s photos of Peter’s collection here.

link: RoadRUNNER Magazine

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  1. this guy needs a moto-guzzi or two. and at least one moto-morini.