Big Auction

Big Auction

Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Riding

I went for ride. It was cold. It was stupid cold. Thermometer outside said 24 F. But when I passed a bank that displays the time and temp, it said 21F, which made me feel even colder. When I got to a gas station to fill my tank, my hands were numb and almost unable to pull the break lever. I remembered the feeling. I had the same one when I was a kid playing snow ball fights for a few hours, wearing soaking wet gloves....

It was only a few miles of riding but the cold was intense. The cold air came through the gap on my goggle pierced my skin, giving me instant headache.

I visited Ryan to get warm and successfully convinced Ryan to ride with me. He is a sucker. Had 2 bottles of Sapporo beer which was b-day gift from Ryan's in-law, Jason while I was there. Thanks Jason.

Rode to Hooter's. Ryan was suffered from the cold tempareture, but I did not feel too bad; I was really enjoying the ride. Maybe Sapporo beer was acting as anti-freeze for me or the Sunshine was making me feel better...Had 2 pitchers of Miller Lite along with wings. There was a Chiefs game on TV and fans were making a lot of noises which was annoying. We bitched about sport fanatics. Ryan picked up the tab. Thanks Ryan.

I got a text message from Collin wishing me happy birthday so rode to Collins' to demand some beer. He successfully dodged us. No beer.

Rode to Fieldhouse. It is a dinky sports bar that Wichita State University students frequents since it is right by its campus. Ryan had not been there even though he was a student there. I used to go there when I was a student. There were only 2 other people at the bar. It is non smoking facility now but leaked stale smoke smell from everywhere. One guy was asking why we were dressed in overall and coverall. We told him that we were overall biker gangs and it was a mandatory uniform. I even tried to recruit the bartender since he said his dad owns Honda CX500. 2 pitchers of Miller Lite there.

Rode to Humidor the Cigar Lounge. The manager, Gorden offered me a free cigar for my birthday but I politely declined. Thanks Gorden. I knew I was gonna get real drunk if I smoked anything... Drunk 2-3 bottles of beer there.

It was an awesome birthday. Thanks for everyone who wished me happy birthday. I sure had real happy one.

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  1. a belated happy birthday my friend. next time i see you i'll have a special bottle of beer for you.