Big Auction

Big Auction

Friday, April 30, 2010

Martin Otto Lambert Heukeshoven

He is a sculptor from Germany. He started out as a graphic artist then cooked up interest in restoring antiques, which you can see how beneficial to his work now. Most of his models are over 2 feet long which leads me to believe that he utilizes doll house accessories to punch up the details but his ability to build complete model of car with scrap metal, leather, wood, glass, rubber and fabric is just amazing. I always liked the weathering on model of vehicles, which makes it more narrative. I don't like weathering on real vintage vehicles much, though... especially abandoned bikes makes me sad. For more info please visit his site, Martin Heukeshoven


I am feeling under the weather right now.

Better day tomorrow...


this is the Trireme "Olympias" a modern reproduction of an Ancient Athenian Warship. Olympias is 121 ft long and rowed by 170 oarsmen. her primary weapon is the bronze ram at the bow. in ancient times she would also have carried marines for hand to hand fighting. these vessels could make a top speed of slightly over 9kts or somewhere in the region of 10mph. not bad for a muscle powered ship. ancient warships were rowed not by slaves for the most part but highly trained and muscled oarsmen. can you imagine trying to keep 170 oars on three levels coordinated? takes lots of training and practice. the bottom picture would be a terrifying sight to an opposing ship as it was about to be rammed. in actual battle the masts would be taken down and left ashore as they and all their rigging would be in the way and this would also lighten the ship to some degree. even a small advantage in speed or manuverability counted for quite a bit.
"Olympias" is drydocked in Faliron not far from Athens and close by her modern sister the Armoured Cruiser "Giorgios Averof". as you can see the Greeks have a maritime heritage going back several thousand years.

Armoured Cruiser Thursday on Friday

the Greek Armoured Cruiser "Giorgios Averoff". actually an Italian built Pisa Class vessel sold to the Greeks in 1911. a typical type for it's time the "Averof" has a main battery of 9.2" guns and is powered by two triple expansion reciprocating engines for a top speed of 23.5kts. affectionately known as "Uncle Georgi" by successive crews the "Averof" was a popular ship. nowadays docked at Faliron not far from Athens "Georgios Averof" is the world's only surviving Armoured Cruiser.

Need Some Air

Air bag is not a new technology. It has been around for some time and recent Gold Wing is equipped with one just like the one installed in a car.

Alpinestars demonstrated their wireless electronic airbag system, called Air Tech Race Suit to auto journalists at their US headquarters in CA. "The Air Tech has seven sensors placed on the suit and two separate cylinders that set off a cold charge of nitrogen. It takes just 50 milliseconds to fully inflate and stays fully inflated for around five seconds. After 25 seconds the bag completely deflates. The suit is also equipped with a GPS system which signals emergency personal coordinates as to where the accident has take place." Its production is targeted for June of 2011, and Alpinestars estimates that the air system will add around $2500 to the price of a standard riding suit. Alpinestars makes excellent suit but they are expensive because really labor intensive to make one

There are other makers that build airbag system for riders. Such as Hit-Air. It is rather simple mechanism to trigger the bag.

I thought about wearing a fat suit to ride a bike. Especially in Winter. Protection might not the as good as those suit, though....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

MC Test

In order to get a motorcycle license, you will be tested your ability to swerve safely. You don't have to go as fast as this guy.

Fairy Godmother

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dead Man Riding

This guy on the bike has been dead for some time. David Morales Colón, a 22-year-old was shot to death in his native Puerto Rico last Thursday, but instead of giving a traditional wake by sticking his body in a coffin, the family decided to stuff him and mount him on his Repsol-liveried Honda CBR600 F4, which was given to him by his uncle while he was still alive. The funeral home which performed the work is gathering a reputation for the unusual service, previously displaying a dead man standing up. I have seen an episode like this in a TV show "My Name Is Earl" before.

Cool huh? But you know when you die, you won't know anything after your initial death? Why should I care for the party I can not attend? I often think that funerals and graves are for living.

via Auto blog

paen to the Crescent Wrench

everyone has one of these. strictly speaking they are not all crescent wrenches but they have become generic and all wrenches of this type are pretty much called crescent wrenches. first patented in 1857 by E.J. Worcester. a patent for an improved wrench was granted to Karl Peterson in 1915. Peterson was one of the founders of the Crescent Tool Co. of Jamestown,NY. what would we do without them?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marjorie Cottle

here's a couple of pics of Marjorie Cottle another Englishwoman who competed in the ISDT.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Olga Kevelos

two pictures of Englishwoman Olga Kevelos. Olga was a two time winner of the ISDT once in 1949 on a 500cc Norton and once in 1953 on a 125cc CZ.

Beryl Swain

these are pictures of Englishwoman Beryl Swain the first woman to complete the Isle of Man TT in solo competition. she completed the 50cc race in 1962 on an Italian Itom motorcycle. however after this her International Racing License was revoked and she was not allowed to race again. didn't look good in those days to have a woman equal what a man might do. took another 10 years before women were allowed in International Competition once more.

git rid of deez pics

i dump pics on blog,dont write much,kumpooter bog'd down

Sunday, April 25, 2010


here is a picture of famous motorcycle writer the Canon Basil H. Davies or as he was known to his fans "IXION." he wrote from 1903 until the 1960's for "The Motor Cycle" or as it was popularly called "The Blue Un." we read its successor today as "The Classic Motorcycle". he is out for a ride with his wife on their Advance motorcycle and sidecar. Advance also produced the famous Zenith Gradua Gear and built engines for the Duzmo Motorcycle as well.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


a work by Bill Georgoussis

author's motorcycle?

Eric Blair {George Orwell} the author of "1984" learned to ride motorcycles when in Burma in 1922. he learned to ride on an ex-military motorcycle from the USA which had 4cyl inline. could therefore have been a 1918 Henderson like this one. apparently he hunted tigers on it with a 9mm Luger pistol.


a scene from the movie "1984". the Thought Police are mounted on Vincent Black Prince motorcycles.
Big Brother is watching them!

Harley-Davidson Ladies

I don't know if you guys have noticed or not, but it is kinda hard to find pictures of ladies that don't look too slutty and tattoo free with Harleys.

That is why I had to use the last one.

Maybe that is the kind of women Harley riders want.

I miss going Hooters, by the way.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Caspian Sea Monster

or an Ekranoplan. basically a ground effect vehicle not an airplane even though it looks a lot like one. it even after a fashion flies. this vehicle is large, over 300ft long and weighing over 500 tons. it supports itself on a cushion of air between the wing and the water and is capable of speeds in the region of 400mph. it operates at a height of between 3ft and 60 some feet above the surface of the water. designed by the Soviet Russians they were to be used as cargo and troop carriers. this is a picture of the largest type. if you google Ekranoplan you'll find some videos of this craft in operation. it is really impressive. wish i could get a ride on one.


Cycle World is a pretty good motorcycle magazine. Covers everything on bikes. We circulate the mag among garage guys whenever we get new issues.

There was a R1 bike that featured in one issue and was modified to honor the King Kenny's TZ750 flat tracker, which was pretty exciting looking and nice read.

Yet pictures in the mag provoked some readers. Below was posted at their facebook page.

"So, we got a letter from a reader who was aghast at the cover of the
February issue that showed Mark Cernicky riding the Gregg's Customs R1
Tracker in jeans, and told us we were totally irresponsible for showing a
rider dressed like that in CW. "

There are quite bit of comments on the page. I commented one, as well.

Sounds like there are many angry negative has-to-bitch-about-something-all- the-time kind of readers picks up the mag. Pretty soon those mag might be full of disclaimers...maybe more than ads....

Ducati Ladies