Big Auction

Big Auction

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Armored ship Thursday

this week's armored ship is SMS Goeben an Imperial German Navy Moltke class battlecruiser. 612ft. in length with an 11" main armor belt and armed with a main battery of ten 11" naval rifles Goeben outclassed her opposites in the British Royal Navy. Goeben was powered with 4 Parsons steam turbines for 52,200hp and a top speed of 28.4kts. Goeben was launched in 1911 and after the start of WW1 was transferred into the Ottoman Navy as Sultan Yavuz Selim. during the war Goeben was involved in several scraps with the Royal Navy and the Imperial Russian Navy. she survived in the Ottoman Navy and then in the Navy of the Turkish Republic until 1973 at which time she was scrapped. a sad end for the only remaining vessel of the Imperial German Navy. top picture is SMS Goeben running at flank speed. bottom picture the ship is in port quite likely somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Bye Bye Tony


Tried to find pictures of him on 2 wheels. The only one I found was him on a wheelchair. It has more than 4 wheels so don't count...

RIP Tony Curtis

Lossa CB550 on Craig's List

"This bike was built at Lossa Engineering in Long Beach. It has been customized and restored from the ground up. Candy blue powder coating, metallic silver Corvette paint, polished, and chrome parts makes this bike stand out from the rest. It took countless hours of custom fabrication. It was filmed for an upcoming TV show about Café Racers. It is registered until July of 2011. If interested, call Dave 562-508-7107. $6800 OBO "

Lossa CB550



6800 bucks? Sadly I have never seen the case of vintage Japanese bikes being sold that high...No matter how well it was built and looked awesome.

The link to the actual post has been expired. I have no idea if the seller got the close-to-asking money or gave up selling it for the price. It is a nice looking bike, though...

Cannonball Reaching Finish Line.

Well, me and Ryan went saw them at Oklahoma, which is a half way. Some of them already looked beat up then. I am glad they finished without any accidents. I did not get to see Shinya Kimura
No.80 since it was ridden by alternate rider Niimie at the time of Oklahoma stop.

Video by Barry Hathaway

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WW2 Posters

here are some interesting posters from WW2. these are all from the Allied side. the ones with the gas mask and the care of arms are British the rest are from the USofA. interestingly enough the one with the gas mask was not needed as Hitler would not countenance the use of poison gas except in the concentration camps to kill the inmates{jews, gays, gypsies, political opponents etc.}. Hitler was gassed in WW1 so thought it was too barbaric to use except in the above cases.

I don't get your outfit lady...

BUCK SEZ...........


A degree in MC restoration

McPherson College in McPherson, Kansas (about 60 miles North of Wichita) is now offering a college degree in motorcycle restoration. Already offering a degree in automotive restoration, they've just now expanded to include motorcycles.

"Joe Dickhudt, assistant professor of technology, agreed the new major will give McPherson College students skills in a market exploding in popularity. “It turns out there’s a lot of people interested in motorcycle restoration because they’re popular and affordable,” Dickhudt said.

Two motorcycles have been obtained for the first batch of motorcycle restoration majors – a 1965 Honda 305 Dream and a 1970 BSA 250. Dickhudt said they were on the lookout for an Indian, Harley-Davidson or Triumph dating pre-1970 for a class project.

The program, which expands the automotive restoration program, will emphasize historical and technical restoration. In addition to adjusting standard classes on sheet metal, trim and paint to have a motorcycle emphasis, there will also be a class on the history of the American motorcycle and courses on the unique aspects of motorcycle engines, power trains and suspensions."

I don't have money to attend the private college, but I might have to visit there for the Bike on the Lawn event and check out the facility someday... Can't I git a scholarship for beer drinking motorcycle enthusiast?

Pictures are from McPherson College Auto Restoration's facebook page

"The First Last Race" -official trailer

"Hollywood Stuntman, Jeff Jensen rides the new Ducati Terra Mostro 1,400 miles from California to Colorado, to compete in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and then turns around and rides 1,400 miles back to California. If that's not enough, he's doing all this with a broken leg and an artificial knee." He is a hardcore rider...

Director: Jeff Jensen
TRT: 87mins
Genre: Documentary
Format: HD 1080P

Do the Twist

125 years ago

Its top speed was 7 mph.

Key Grip End

Bikers Revenge

Bikers Revenge by Matt Braun and Jared Delorenzo, two students at University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

"These modified handlebar plugs speak to the disgruntled urban cyclist. By retro-fitting stock parts with up-cycled keys, bikers can now find satisfaction with close encounters. This concept puts a new twist on the timeless tradition of car-keying revenge."

It will be cooler if the key actually works on your door or car... I personally would rather chase those cars that near-missed me and scream and yell at them with drool on my chin like a crazy mofo than keying their car with this stupid grip. The Car did not do anything wrong. Its driver did. Just like guns.

Via Geekology

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a quintet of great beauty

here's 5 beautiful BMW's for your delectation. first is a R-5 made into a race replica. next is an R-67 with an S350 Steib sidecar. third is an R-69 which is the last old style BMW, it was replaced by the R75/5. fourth we have an original R-68 and finally a R-51 Sport.

Don't Give a Damn about GPS

Lane Splitting from Russia

It is entertaining. But you better think about other people's safety, too....Don't be a douche...

Subaru K Convertible Truck

I believe its top was chopped so that the truck can be used under the grape farm; easier to pick.... Either way, it is pretty cool. Those K car can reach 85mph in Japan. Those you see in The US got ridiculous limiters to keep it under 25mph and comes with bright orange triangle on the back.

Isn't it Cool, Kids?

The Lockheed P-3C Orion is a long range anti-submarine warfare patrol aircraft. It has advanced submarine detection sensors such as directional frequency and ranging sonobuoys and magnetic anomaly detection equipment.
This video shows a demonstration of its capabilities by using scooters as mock-ups for the P-3C and an enemy submarine. It was put together for kids. You gotta attract kids to military, you know? Happens everywhere.

Via Neatorama

Monday, September 27, 2010


here's another type of tool which we all use or have used at one time or another. Pliers, they've been around at least since the bronze age i imagine as blacksmiths would have to have them to aid in working metal. first we have the common old slip joint pliers which is what we all imagine anytime someone says "pliers". next are some needle nose pliers, of course it's obvious why they are called needle nose. third we have the locking pliers or vise grips. strangely enough these are called mole grips in England. i found that they are called mole grips because they were made by H.K. Mole Company{apparently Stanley Tools owns the Mole name today}. fourth is a picture of channel lock pliers which before they had the channels we called water pump pliers. very handy to tighten up the packing in a water pump gland. and last but hardly least is a pair of linemans sidecutting pliers. these are but a small selection of the many kinds of pliers in existence. there seems to be a pair designed for just about any application you can think of. i just bought a pair of channel locks today.

Segway company owner rides one off cliff to his death

The owner of the Segway company died Sunday in a freak accident when he rode one of his firm's two-wheeled scooters off a cliff and into a river, according to British press reports.

West York shire police said tycoon Jimi Heselden, 62, one of England's richest men, was found in the River Wharfe near Wetherby and died at the scene. A Segway--an off-road model--was found nearby, the Daily Mail said. Police said there did not appear to be anything suspicious about Heselden's death and that he had been riding around his estate.

Heselden last year bought the U.S.-based Segway company that makes the two-wheeled personal transporter."

Via L.A. Times

Well, feel sorry for the guy and condolences to his family...(I can smell the fugly inheritance fight among the family already..), but if he had invested in Norton motorcycle instead, the story might have been different to me.

Segway is a dorky 2 wheeled vehicle for lazy fat people to me. Kinda like a trike.

Again Belstaff....

Belstaff is a well known outfit manufacturer especially among us motorcyclists, their tourist/trial master jackets were pretty much the official riding jacket for Isle of Mann races back then, and was made famous by Steve McQueen preferring the jacket at off-road races he participated.

The company was founded in Longton, Staffordshire in 1924. The company is now Italian-owned and based in Mogliano, Veneto. Yes, the Belstaff jackets are well-made and tons of celebrities have been spotted wearing them both on and off-set.

Some of them are used as product placements. The problem is that they are expensive as a shady high dollar whore that steal your wallet while you are in bathroom.

I spotted this Iron-man 2 Belstaff jacket. I have no idea if this particular model was used in the movie or not. I have seen the movie, just don't remember... This is simply a great example of bad taste. And its price is bit shy of 2000 US bucks!! Yes, it is more expensive than another bad taste yet, actual leather Iron man 2 riding suit. The charcoal color version is better looking and you don't look like a total douche bag, but still....

I always liked their riding jackets likes of Mojave wax cotton riding jacket, but if they keep making those idiotic stuff with ridiculous price tag, I might have to avoid it. I suspect that they are trying to be like Gucci, Chanel or any other brands that I don't care for. I want Belstaff to remain functionality-focused outfit company...

I want to pay for the quality not for the name, images and status of owning it. What? Harley Davidson?

Dreaming of Motorcycles

By LaBrunetteNouvelle

Deer III

Typewriter parts



by Jeremy Mayer