Big Auction

Big Auction

Friday, December 31, 2010

Smoking is bad for ya

Ads for new Pirelli custom tyres

Ural Snow Donut

Nice to have a side car when it snows. I did snow riding last year and went down about dozen of times....

Ice Ice Baby

Coolest Harley ever.

Homemade Snowmobile of Kiev

This bulky machine constructed by one enthusiast retiree from the Russian city of Kirov is powered by the old Yamaha motorcycle engine and is entirely made of scrap. Fiberglass seat was formerly a part of a small carousel, gear shift lever was a part of an unidentified old Coca-Cola souvenir. The front skies are covered with fluoroplastic, a material with extremely low friction factor. The main distinctive feature of this snowmobile is a big wheel instead of a regular for such kind of transport rubber heavy caterpillar made of metal and rubber. For this reason this monster is very light which allows it to drive on fresh crumbly snow.

Another thing is that this wheel is much less complicated in maintenance and will never cause a stop in the middle of a snow field if one detail is broken, as caterpillar does. The engine is mounted in such a way that it could warm the driver and give some heat to the fuel supply system. Construction works on this unusual snowmobile have taken about one year.

Source: English Russia

Happy New Year

To those who visit and support this blog. Hope you all have good one. If you are in da neighborhood please visit the garage.

Best Gift for Buck?

With this cane, Buck would be cooler than Yoda.
This ZAP Cane($103) is an adjustable walking cane, an ultra-bright LED flashlight and a stun gun with 1-million volt charge. All we gotta do is fashion a holster for this bad baby which could resemble rifle holster of WLA on his CB350F, transforming Buck into the Coolest and dangerous Granpa. Don't know if you want it? It is illegal in 8 states! See now strangely you want this cane. Source | Price: $103 | BUY

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Paths of Hate

I always liked fighters with reciprocating engine. I think it is similar to motorcycles. Jet plane don't do it for me. This is a short animation film directed by Damian Nenow, and produced by Platige Image. I love the art work.

The (translated) synopsis of the short from their website:

A tendency to blind hatred, a peculiar amok or a destructive fury lead to total destruction in the end. Neither the scale nor the ideology matters. It doesn't matter whether it's about two people or a million people. Human life lasts only a second. Future generations get no more than scars - bloody traces, paths of hate...

Platige Image is a Polish production house perhaps best known in the States known for their work on Lars Von Trier's Antichrist. Hope to get to see English version or subtitled of whole film someday.

BMW Unscripted Tiffany

Riding all over the world is nice if you don't have to deal with tons of paper work for crossing borders, bribe to corrupted officials and lack of funding. This is an ad so I guess you don't want to mention crappy part of trip... Elspeth Beard did 30 years ago.

Anyway if you want to know more about Tiffany Coates' trip visit here

Happy 28th

2 tone color Triumph

Yeah, white and green...

pjpink's photostream

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

armored ship thursday on wednesday

it looks like i'll be really busy tomorrow so this time i'm putting up armored ships today. here we have the Thai Royal Navy ship HTMS Dhonburi. Dhonburi is a coastal defense ship but yet has an armored belt and armor on her turrets. she was built by Kawasaki in Japan. commissioned in 1938 she served until sunk at the Battle of Koh Chang by the Vichy French Navy along with her sister ship HTMS Sri Ayuthia. these ships were small but quite powerfully armed for there size. the main battery is four 8" naval rifles plus four 3" naval rifles and some lesser anti-aircraft guns. Dhonburi is 252' long, displaces 2265t. with a 2.5" armor belt and 4"of armor on her turrets. driven by two MAN diesels making 5,200shp she has a top speed of 15.5kts. after the Battle of Koh Chang Dhonburi was raised and towed to Japan where she was repaired. she then served in the Royal Thai Navy until scrapped in 1959. her bridge and forward turret and guns still exist in front of the Royal Thai Naval Academy. first picture is of HTMS Dhonburi running along through the sea. second picture is of Dhonburi alongside a pier showing her starboard side. next picture is a drawing of the starboard showing the low freeboard aft. fourth we have a color painting of the vessel in the Koh Chang Battle firing at the French. and last is the bridge and forward turret and guns in front of the Naval Academy.

I need

Thanks Betty.

One of the best Pub signs

Anyone know where this sign is from?

Not a Master Card Commercial

I like how Jesse Rosten makes his films. This one is shot out the back of a Honda Element using a Red One camera. He says this is just another camera test. "That's my dad and his dog on the bike".

Falling Falling Falling

Everyone falls off of their bikes one point of their riding life. And it will be more often if you race.

Moto2 rider, Raffaele de Rosa won this year’s not wanted title of being the top crasher.

De Rosa rode for Herve Poncharal’s Tech3 Moto2 team this season (and will be with G22 Racing Team in 2011) racked up the record of 22 falls between practices, qualifying and races taking the 1st spot. He is probably well-known for this 2009 save.

2010 marks the first year of very competitive Moto2 class and they have over 40 riders on the grid so that might have contributed the number of crash in the class. Not to mention Shoya Tomizawa, the Japanese rider who won the first Moto2 race but the first one to lose his life in Moto2 as well.

Second place goes to Malaysian Air Asia 125cc rider Zulfahmi Khairuddin who crashed 17 times, and the third place goes to MotoGP rookie Marco Simoncelli with his 13 crashes. Luckily he has been wearing Dainese Airbag suit.

According to the unofficial stats, 825, up 182 from 2009’s 642, with this year’s rainy Estoril slewing up 130 crashes in the entire weekend, but the 2008 GP racing season still holds the record with 876.

It is okay to fall off many times as long as you can git back on the saddle right away. You may damage the bike, but it is only bike. You can replace it with just money.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Elevator Express

I once trapped in Elevator in a hospital when I was a kid. It was pure horror.

When I lived in a college dorm, I refused to use elevators ( I lived on 7th floor). I got really mad seeing able body people using it for one floor above or down.

I like jumping around inside elevator to freak other people out. Kids always love doing it.

BMW Bike vs. BMW Bob Stunt

I love it.

World Stunt Champ Chris Pfeiffer is a maniac! Check out his BMW G450X chicken run with Christoph Langen in a BMW designed Olympic Bobsleigh at the Innsbruck Olympic Run!

Bilzzard: 20 hours in 40 seconds

Sorry East coast, but I miss snow sometimes.

I would like a small displacement street legal dirt bike for snow riding. If I get one, I am getting handle bar mitts for real.

Monday, December 27, 2010

air guns

it's another cold day. a good day to stay in the house and shoot targets with your air pistols/rifles. not only can they be shot in the house they are a good cheap way to have fun. all you need is a room about 40ft. long and a pellet trap. with pistols only, a shorter room is ok. unlike firearms air guns aren't as noisy and don't discharge substances which are poisonous to breathe. you can shoot at any distance but 33ft or 10meters is the olympic airgun target shooting distance. my basement just happens to be long enough for this. first picture is just to show you that air guns are not toys. they are real guns. this picture shows a 2,000lb. bison shot with a Quackenbush .457cal. safari rifle. this rifle is probably shooting with a pressure of around 2-3,000psi. that's a lot. i'd like to have one some day. my airguns are not nearly so powerful but are still not toys. my most powerful ones could be used for hunting but i prefer to shoot targets. mine are all .177 or .22cal. guns. second picture is of some Russian IZH air rifles. these are good for target shooting and gun training. not particularly powerful but you still wouldn't want to get shot with one. i've got one of these and they are quite accurate. they are a spring piston design with a cocking lever on the side. third is a Benjamin air pistol which has to be pumped up to shoot. very nice little pistols, well made and accurate. i started my air gun career with one of these when i was about 11 or 12. next is the famous Sheridan Silver Streak, also a pump gun in .20cal. mr. go away garage has one and it is a very nice rifle indeed. i have a Benjamin which is very similar except in .22cal. last but not least is the Daisy in all it's iterations. Daisies are possibly the best known of air guns. they mostly shoot b.b.s and are what millions of boys and girls started their shooting careers with. Daisy does make some high quality pellet guns also for amateur and professional target shooting.

Winter Riding

I went for ride. It was cold. It was stupid cold. Thermometer outside said 24 F. But when I passed a bank that displays the time and temp, it said 21F, which made me feel even colder. When I got to a gas station to fill my tank, my hands were numb and almost unable to pull the break lever. I remembered the feeling. I had the same one when I was a kid playing snow ball fights for a few hours, wearing soaking wet gloves....

It was only a few miles of riding but the cold was intense. The cold air came through the gap on my goggle pierced my skin, giving me instant headache.

I visited Ryan to get warm and successfully convinced Ryan to ride with me. He is a sucker. Had 2 bottles of Sapporo beer which was b-day gift from Ryan's in-law, Jason while I was there. Thanks Jason.

Rode to Hooter's. Ryan was suffered from the cold tempareture, but I did not feel too bad; I was really enjoying the ride. Maybe Sapporo beer was acting as anti-freeze for me or the Sunshine was making me feel better...Had 2 pitchers of Miller Lite along with wings. There was a Chiefs game on TV and fans were making a lot of noises which was annoying. We bitched about sport fanatics. Ryan picked up the tab. Thanks Ryan.

I got a text message from Collin wishing me happy birthday so rode to Collins' to demand some beer. He successfully dodged us. No beer.

Rode to Fieldhouse. It is a dinky sports bar that Wichita State University students frequents since it is right by its campus. Ryan had not been there even though he was a student there. I used to go there when I was a student. There were only 2 other people at the bar. It is non smoking facility now but leaked stale smoke smell from everywhere. One guy was asking why we were dressed in overall and coverall. We told him that we were overall biker gangs and it was a mandatory uniform. I even tried to recruit the bartender since he said his dad owns Honda CX500. 2 pitchers of Miller Lite there.

Rode to Humidor the Cigar Lounge. The manager, Gorden offered me a free cigar for my birthday but I politely declined. Thanks Gorden. I knew I was gonna get real drunk if I smoked anything... Drunk 2-3 bottles of beer there.

It was an awesome birthday. Thanks for everyone who wished me happy birthday. I sure had real happy one.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

miscellaneous steam

The Goon - trailer


Lazy Afternoon with Suzuki GS

This was shot as a test by a film maker Jesse Rosten, the camera worn with a neck strap and bungeed tight around his body but the result came out quite nice and got nice feel to it.

Happy 59th

Unlike Mel, Steve Bisley's acting has not been showcased in the US much, but his character Jim Goose from 1979 movie, "Mad Max" has been one of the most memorable biker character of all time world wide.

There are many enthusiasts and even a Japanese company who had made "Goose" replica bikes or parts to convert KZ1000 into Jim Goose bike.

The Japanese company was called White house and it is basically a custom bike shop. They used to sell stickers and helmets to go with the bike as well.

Steve is a well-known motorcycle enthusiast. he has been spotted in circuits here and there and freaks out Jim Goose fans.


Husqvarna was a military arsenal founded in 1689 to produce muskets for the Swedish Army. The companies have since grown and split and the brand is used by several companies. Husqvarna may refer to:

* Husqvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag, the original company manufacturing small arms.
* Husqvarna Motorcycles, now a subsidiary of BMW, is a motocross and enduro motorcycle manufacturer.
* Husqvarna AB, a company that produces lawn equipment and chainsaws.
* Husqvarna Sewing Machines
* Husqvarna is a brand name for home appliances manufactured by the Electrolux Group.
* Husqvarna is the old spelling of the town now known as Huskvarna, the original location of the company.

Husqvarna started producing motorcycles as early as 1903. In the beginning FN engines were used, around 1909 this was changed to Moto-RĂªve. In the early twenties two models were introduced with their own side valve V-twin engine, of 992cc and 546cc capacity, the latter labelled model 180. At the time American V-twins were very popular sellers in Sweden, so it is no coincidence that the general layout of the model 180 bears a certain resemblance to the famous Indian Scout of the period; the carburetor fitted is an American Schebler, quite rarely seen on a European motorcycle. This Model 180 is a quality Swedish product, producing some 14bhp @ 4000rpm. Bosch electric lighting is fitted.

1966 marked the first year that Husqvarna began importing their machines to the United States for distribution to the American public. Husqvarna played a huge role in the development and rapid success of motocross in the United States. Edison Dye was the first and primary importer of these machines through his company, Med- International. You remember seeing one ridden by Steve McQueen in "On Any Sunday"?
Along with bringing over the bikes, Edison also brought over several European motocross stars which included Thorsten Hallman, Bengt Aberg and many others. Within a few short years, motocross on American soil would never be the same.

Happy Birthday Switchum!

365 days more to revolve around the sun, get on your 750 and have some fun! Happy birthday!