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Sunday, February 27, 2011

sunday steam

here are some miscellaneous pictures of mostly stationary steam engines plus one mobile engine. first is a great picture of the inside of a 19th century engine house. perhaps a water pumping station or the like. next we have the mobile engine. a Fowler ploughing engine from England. how could they leave those dangerous gears out in the open like that? could people in the 19th century have been smarter? did they actually know to keep their hands etc. out of the moving machinery? if this were made today you wouldn't be able to see any of it as it would be covered in safety shields. notice the gear and winding drum beneath the belly of the beast. this engine did not draw the plough behind it but pulled it back and forth across the field with a cable. third is an old beam engine from the 1830's. fourth looks like a two cylinder vertical compound engine and is from USA 1879. and last we have another beam engine from England about 1855.

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