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Monday, February 28, 2011

Vintage Cut for sale

For your consideration is this vintage Devils Diciples Levis denim jacket vest. This is your opportunity to own an impossibly rare piece of vintage motorcycle club history. Do not hesitate, because this will be the ONLY example you see come up for auction! The Devils Diciples is a notorious outlaw motorcycle club with an established foundation in Fontana (Southern California [hence, "SoCal"]). The gang also developed chapters in Alabama, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Although famously rivaled by the Hells Angels, some would argue that even though the Devils Diciples are lesser known, they are perhaps the fiercest and most respected motorcycle club of all time. With a bond of brotherhood stronger than blood, and a respect for the gang's legacy beyond that of family, it becomes very difficult to find any authentic article of attire, at least, that is what would seem logical...

I guess it is a piece of history but for almost 700 bucks,(current bid) The girl should come with it.

Devil's Diciple Denim Cut on ebay


  1. obviously some one had a slight spelling problem

  2. I think it might be on purpose. Earlier in their days, Hell's Angels spelled "Hell's Angles"

  3. The hell with the Cut, I want the girl!

  4. I damn sure hope whoever bought that thing ain't planning on wearing it.

  5. I hope whoever bought the disciple colors knows what it will cost them if they get caught with it! Those colors are sacred to the club...