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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Falling Angel?

A print advertisement for BMW Motorcycle Switzerland for the BMW Roadshow. Pretty obvious stab at Harley Davidson. The model pictured here is too clean for typical Hell's Angels, though. Sonny Barger was riding K1200LT one point so the ad isn't too far fetched.

Via Ads of the World


  1. That guy looks just like my Uncle Charlie-beard,scowl,denim shirt and all.
    only difference is Charlie always had a camel cigerette dangle'n oughta his mouth.worked side by side with Charlie for six or more years at his VW shop when i was a teenager.Helluva mechanic and business man.Always treated his customers honestly.He chained smoked most his life,now he carrys around a oxygen bottle wit a tube up his nose,poor Charlie.

  2. When i was just a wee young'n hang'n with my dad at the VW shop,Charlie used to pay me 20$ to sweep the shop,carry out trash,empty the oil change barrels,and put away tool's.I would sweep up PILES of cigerette butt's and dump them in a 30 gallon drum behind the shop just to show how many cig's he was goin' thru.
    Also etched in my memory is every country song played on KFDI radio thru the late 70's early 80's.Used to drive me nutt's-he never shut it off-ever. so i plumb'd in a 8-track player to the sound system so when Charlie was gone from the shop i could git sum Deep Purple,Foghat ,Black Sabbath,and as Charlie would refer Jethro "TURD".

  3. Small world. About the same time I was just a few blocks down the street from the VW shop, hanging out with my granddad. He listened to it non-stop also. First the news followed by the Larry Steckline's Ag Report, then the rod and reel round-up, the lost pet report, and Cracker Barrel Time with Ol' Mike.
    KFDI's going to make me rich!