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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We used to...

Neighbors and the Arena along with cops were the right remedy for killing the Good old days....


  1. you can only have too much fun for a limited amount of time. regular people don't understand it and don't want us to do it.

  2. before the arena arrived,parks and bob and the bad element they catered too, brought about the end of the all out- balls to the wall fun.shamefull.too much of a good thing etc.
    I am dissappointed and embarressed for them and myself for allowing it to happen.
    THEN came the granny grisham's and thier non-stop harrasement hence the cop's,THEN came a development corporation and their free ticket to run from local government,THEN the arena and the exploitation of the local art scene for a marketing scheme to fill the bars in oldtown,which brought more lowlife square's and office sissy's/douche's in the street's.

    It's been a helluva ride that's fer sure,but in the end we still have a purty good time,i got my love'n wife and 2 fine daughter's,a buncha rightous friends,and the Go Away Garage is still goin' strong, and get'n stonger.The cop's now realize we are a cool but rowdy group that do good and give us respect(cops now ignore grisham's complaints),downtown development has just about milked the downtown art scene dry and are seeking out new avenue's to exploit(just as predicted),and the arena has not been that big of a impact really(I CAN LIVE WITH IT).We can still have a good and rowdy time just with a bit more class and less trouble/destruction the follow'n day.