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Big Auction

Friday, April 29, 2011

armored ship thursday on friday

othis week we have the USS Triton SSN-586. Triton was the first submarine to cruise around the world submerged. she was commissioned 11/10/59 and de-commissioned 5/3/69. Triton was the only submarine of her class. she was designed as a radar picket boat. she was 447'6" in length, displaced 6059t. on the surface and 7898t. submerged. powered by two nuclear reactors and two steam turbines putting out 45000shp USS Triton was capable of more than 30kts. surfaced and 27kts. submerged. on her first cruise Triton went around the world submerged, something no other submarine had done. the cruise under the command of Captain Edward L. Beach lasted from 2/15/60 to 5/10/60 the boat was submerged for 83 days and 10 hours and went a total distance of 36014 nautical miles. the first picture is of Triton cruising on the surface. the second is Triton departing on her underwater cruise. third is a picture of Captain Beach. fourth is USS Triton at her commissioning ceremony and last is all that's left of Triton at a Memorial Park in Richland, WA.

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  1. Your information is all wrong. For example, a sub does about 12 knots surfaced, not faster than submerged. They go far faster submerged. You need to double check and re research all your info. Also, I believe it was the Nautilus that was the first round the world submerged. But your speeds are effed up