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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Silent Ride

"Four-time trial world champion Adam Raga wanted to make some noise to celebrate International Noise Awareness Day, so he swapped his roaring trial bike for an electric bike -- and rode off to the beautiful Valley of Silence in El Bierzo in northern Spain. Why? Because Adam believes living in peace with nature is something to shout about. He really believes that this is the path that technology must follow; to always try and coexist with the environment."

So quiet, kinda creepy.....


  1. So statistically 87% of air pollution comes from power plants. Guess where you electricity comes from?

  2. Yes. Especially if you live in states like Virginia, having an electric vehicle is more hard on environment than gas-powered vehicle. It is moot point if you don't generate electricity by sun, wind or pedaling. That is a part of reason why I like e-rockit best among all the electric bikes.