Big Auction

Big Auction

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rear Access Helmet

Motorcycle helmet's biggest dilemma is that it has to be snug to protect the head but in case of accident, paramedic would have hard time removing it from the victim without disturbing the head or the neck. It takes two person to do that job safely. Australia's John Vozzo first came up with rear access helmet - with the release of one pin and two clips, the back of the helmet detaches and the front can be slid off. What? it is safer to have two parts helmet? They actually claim that the met offers more protection to the jaw and temples than traditional full-face helmets, and to have a smoother, rounder exterior with less snag points. This is said to result in it being less likely to catch on obstacles, in the event of an accident. The Voztec helmet prototype is currently in its fifth generation and we might be able to see them on shelf pretty soon.

Via: Gizmag

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