Big Auction

Big Auction

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I love Shiny Things

We all know that working on cars and motorcycles in dark sucks. People get flashlights and clamp lights to eliminate the problem. But still your hands might cast the shadow to block where you are working on. Quite annoying

This company The Hammacher Schlemmer claims that the Rechargeable Illuminating Wrenches are the answers when it comes to working in dark places. An LED light emits from within the wrench itself, making sure that light is going to go directly where you need it. There are two settings for the LED giving you a high and low range to work with. They are little pricey at $99.95 for a set. The first thing I thought was that is this thing gonna last? Do they withstand the massive torque produced by our manly arms? Well, the wrenches comes with LIFE TIME WARRANTY! Also they would look lovely hanging from the Christmas tree.

The seven wrenches (3/8" - 10mm to 3/4" - 20mm) provide 5 hours of light (each), and take 3 hours to recharge.

Via Red Ferret

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