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Monday, October 31, 2011

Antique Tractor Pull

we were going to the tractor show at the coliseum on saturday. it wound up like the psychic fair they cancelled awhile back because of unforeseen circumstances. we did not get to go. here is some of what we might have seen had we made it. the antique tractor pull. looks like an old Case to me for the first pic. i used to drive one of these long ago. i found out what they meant by one way while pulling a one way disc plow one time. all was well though after a visit to the blacksmith. second pic looks like an old steel wheeled IHC but not being a tractor expert i could be wrong. the old steel wheeled part is correct. next we have Mr. Johnnie Pop a 2cyl. John Deere. if i was the fat dude i would not stand so close to that chain while the tractor is pulling. good way to lose a body part or two. last two pics are of Garden Tractor pulling. i did not know they did this. looks like something i could vaguely afford.