Big Auction

Big Auction

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Motoscala Tarrago

Pere Tarragó started to build scale model when he was a child. Just like many great modeler, he was not happy with the level of details that typical injection plastic model kits. So he started to add his own parts or alter to correct the kits. Soon, was building full scratch scale model with Zinc plates and welded tin while he was still a teenager. He started to make motorcycles in 1/6 scale mainly because he is a motorcycle nut. He used his own classic motorcycles to model after. He owned Bultaco, Ossa, Montesa, etc. Yep it is easier if the real thing is right in front of you.

Those models' throttle, brakes and shocks are functional.
You can check his other works and parts of them at right Here

Too bad that he hasn't built any Japanese bikes. I could pair up 1/6 Jim Goose figure and Kwaka1000. However, according to his site, he spends about 250-400 hours on one model so I won't be able to affording that.

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