Big Auction

Big Auction

Monday, January 31, 2011

Fighting Norton

Glen Marie

hot dog tattoos

after those delicious dogs mitch grilled for us the other night and something i saw on facebook i looked up hot dog tattoos. here are a few i liked. hot dogs are good. especially with beer.

Look where you are going

If he hadn't go down, he probably would have hit the friend with his bike. (You are not supposed to look at the wreck, because we have tendency to go where we look) He could have done stagger riding to avoid that, too.


Ernst Neumann-Neander founded the Neander Motorfahrzeug GmbH Düren-Rölsdorf in Düren in 1926. He designed the futuristic and attractive Neander-Rahmen (Neander frame), which was made from box-section Duralumin and had a unique design of pivoted front fork. From 1928 Opel also manufactured the same frame under license, and it was very successful in motorcycle racing. Neander's own factory produced about 2,000 motorcycles before production ceased some time in the 1930s.

There is a diesel-powered motorcycle named Neander produced in Germany by Neander AG. I have never seen them riding around here. I wonder how it is doing.

Made-up military Bike


I am thinking something Orange...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

what we did last night and some different motorcycles

last night mitch fired up the grill and we had hot dogs out behind the garage. his grill is a little plainer than this one. next picture gives new meaning to the term "naked bike" looks like a nice ride to me. then we have a bunch of eco-mobiles going down the road and finally a couple of pictures of what looks like fun. wish i had a lawn mower like that. and snow might be a lot more fun on a bike if you had a snow chopper.

Rockn Bikes

We like the Rolling Stones...

Parts lamp

If you keep it at your bed side, you can use it as a heavy blunt object to fend off intruders.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Met totempole


We had freakishly warm day yesterday so we went for a ride. It sure was fun to ride with Mitch and Ryan. I rode bit with other guys and they thought I was crazy; I was trying to catch up...Maybe we will do that again and hopefully Buck can join, too. After today, weather man said we will have winter weather back. Then I guess I will change oil and tires on my bike...

Auto Race

Auto Race is a Japanese version of motorcycle speedway, but combines gambling added into it and is held on an asphalt course, throughout Japan. It is regulated by the JKA Foundation.
Autorace is predominantly a gambling sport. The first ever meeting was held at Funabashi in 1950, but loose dirt tracks were banned by the government in the sixties because they were considered too dangerous.

Unlike other forms of motorcycle and gambling sport, prior to race day, the rider have to stay over at the dormitory with over 500 riders and refrain from contacting anyone within the outside world including any forms of communications to prevent race fixing which scandalized the sport during the years of the sport when the Yakuza took over the sport and as a result, crowds dwindled and it was saved when a motorcycle federation took over it in 1967. Since then the sport has very much gone its own way to develop into a form of motor sport exclusive to Japan.

Raced on tarmac tracks using bikes with two gears, the hard surface dictates riders lean round the corners rather than slide as in conventional Speedway, the sport from which Autorace was derived.
A typical Auto Race bike is 599㏄ twins and have no brakes and are designed with the left handlebar higher than the right and an extra peg on its frame to hold your knee down in order to help maintain stability while leaning the machine on the banked oval circuit. Riders wear well-armored suits. They used to wear moto-cross protectors, but use American football gears over leather suit and needless to say, extra elbow and knee pads, steel plates on buttocks and left foot. When they fall, you will often see a lot of sparks.

An average rider usually spends half a year living away from home. A race usually involves eight riders and runs for no more than three minutes. Between races, the bike is kept together with other bikes.

As well as their real names, all the riders have an alias, or nickname, which they go by. There are eight riders in each six-lap race. All are trained in official training schools and have to pass a qualifying examination before being allowed to become competitive riders. Once qualified, riders are graded according to their results and these grades are used to ascertain racing positions, with the higher graded riders starting from the back grids. Riders are identifiable by number and shirt color.

Although they are better paid than most of their counterparts, unlike their road racing counterparts, the Auto Race riders do not have celebrity status or product endorsements. However, one of the well-known riders is the veteran Mitsuo Abe, better known as the father of late MotoGP and World Superbike star Norifumi.

Autorace official site in English

Friday, January 28, 2011

motorcycle sidecar barbeque unit.


then do a lil' more.

2011 Honda CB400 Super Four

Honda Japan has revealed a limited-edition CB400 Super Four

Only 500 of the Special Edition bikes will be made in both naked and faired “Bol D'Or” forms, going on sale in Japan next month. CB400 hasn't had a major model change since its introduction of 1992 but that might be because it is original and never gets old like Levi's 501 jeans.

A red frame, gold rims were popular in Honda models back in early 80's so this is pretty much following the trend of retro/ nostalgia, like Kaw's W800

The bikes might do pretty good in the US and Europe as a classy cool daily rider but there is no plan of sales other than in Japan at this moment. With much stronger value of Japanese yen, the prices would be 9700 US buck for faired one, and 8900 US bucks for naked CB400.... Source:Honda Japan

Yeah, more cool bikes that you can't get...

SR250 by El Solitario MC

This bike was built for the Metamorfosis Masiva — which is a SR250 build-off in Spain where you can't spend more than €1,000 on parts. Why Sr250? I don't know..But I worked on Sr 250 before and liked riding it so kinda funny to see the bike customized so much like this one. It is a single cylinder light weight bike. I could barely do 80mph...Anyway the build off had no limit on the amount of hours they could spend building, which I think is a flaw on the rules; you can pretty much fabricate anything if you got tons of time..Anyhow, D.B from El Solitario MC apparently thought the same and did awesome job. Spending more than 500 hours creating this one-of-a-kind motorcycle. The bike, which D.B has named 'The Winning Loser' didn't win, but ironically it has probably gained the most attention, being posted on numerous motorcycle blogs around the world (including this humble one) and therefore living up to its name.

Source: pipeburn

Thursday, January 27, 2011

armoured ship thursday

these are pictures of the Imperial Japanese Navy's Takao Class of heavy cruisers. all 4 were launched between 1930-31. these ships were considered the best heavy cruisers built for the IJN even though one more class was built after them. all four were sunk or disabled at the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October of 1944. these were powerful ships with a main battery of ten 8" naval rifles and capable of launching the excellent Japanese torpedoes as well. also very fast being driven by 4 geared steam turbines totalling 132,000shp to a top speed of 351/2kts. that's over 40mph for a machine that displaces almost 16,000 tons at full load. the cruisers were armored with a main belt of 11/2" to 5" in thickness plus an armored deck of over 1". being 6681/2ft long overall they were well shaped to make their high speed. the first picture is IJN Takao the name ship of the class. next is IJN Chokai at high speed. third is IJN Atago in different shots. and fourth is IJN Maya and finally another color picture of IJN Chokai again cruising along at significant speed. all in all an impressive class of heavy cruisers any one of which could out match a single heavy cruiser of any other navy of the time.

78 XS650

By Deus Custom

safety first

Nashville Pussy - Let's Ride

Whistler Blackcomb XXS

A day in the life of a miniature Whistler, the biggest little ski area in the world. This video documents a bird's eye view of teeny, tiny Whistler Village and surrounding Whistler Blackcomb mountains, making it a real life snow globe. It is by Switchback Entertainment,

It is pretty neat.

Q for U

Every time I tag a post, "Mystery bike" someone always pops in and tell me what the heck the bike was. So there is nuther mystery bike.

It looks East European and something that Miyazaki Hayao would draw...Other than that, I got nothing....

Any idea, Buck?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beemer on Harley St.

Jord Peck the one man band from Wichita ,Ks.


38 ULH 74cu
Magical Machine.
Go Away Garage's Goodwill Ambassodor's Main ride from a stable of many.