Big Auction

Big Auction

Thursday, March 31, 2011

bathing beauties

by personal request of mr. go- away- garage. i hope this will do for awhile. my heartfelt apologies to those offended by this transmission.

Happy 68th

Bufflehead Cabin

Bufflehead Cabin: "“Americans, rich or poor, now live in a culture entirely perceived through, simulacra-media images and illusions. We live inside a self-referential media hologram of a nation that has not existed for quite some time now, especially in America’s heartland. Our national reality is held together by a pale, carbon imprint of the original. The well-off with their upscale consumer aesthetic, live inside gated Disneyesque communities with gleaming uninhabited front porches representing some bucolic notion of the Great American home and family. The working class, true to its sports culture aesthetic, is a spectator to politics … politics which are so entirely imagistic as to be holograms of a process, not a process. Social realism is a television commercial for America, a simulacran republic of eagles, church spires, brave young soldiers and heroic firefighters and “freedom of choice” within the hologram. America’s citizens have been reduced to Balkanized consumer units by the corporate state’s culture producing machinery. We no longer have a country — just the hollow shell of one, a global corporation masquerading electronically and digitally as a nation called the United States. The corporation now animates us from within our very selves through management of the need hierarchy in goods and information. Sure there is flesh within the machine, but its animating force is a viral concept, a meme run amok. Free market capitalism. We got to move them refrigerators, got to sell them color teevees.”Quote - PermalinkQuote reblogged from Alexander RykingJoe Bageant, “The Simulacran Republic” (via ryking)"


timewarp back to bein' a teenager. savored those moments when she pop'd up on the boob tube.

TT3D: Closer to The Edge trailer

We can watch this in 3D? Man, that is milk spewing... hope the 3D theater near us would play... I doubt it though...

Green Machine

Parker Brothers Choppers, the same folks who built the street legal Tron lightcycles decided to built Huffy Green Machine. Yep, they’ve turned the big wheel bike into a functional trike.

“We had a Green Machine lying around the shop and we figured it would be a cool idea,” said Parker Brothers’ Jeff Halverson, who did 50 mph on this beast. “It rides crazy and is fast as hell. If it wasn’t for the rear tires we could have had it DOT approved.”

The trike's got 80-cubic inch Harley Davidson Evo engine, which means no pedals at this moment. Parker Brothers hopes to get Guinness approval for having the world’s largest wheel on a motorcycle trike. How do you turn? Obviously, cornering is not priority at all in their creations.

Via: Wired

A Truck in the Sky

A construction site for new power plant in Switzerland will be in the middle of the Alps. The site needs excavator trucks, but there are no roads to get there.

Your choice is either smooth ride of cable rail way or loud, vibrating chopper ride...

It makes sense since the railway is already there. And the picture looks nice.

Via Road

Falling Angel?

A print advertisement for BMW Motorcycle Switzerland for the BMW Roadshow. Pretty obvious stab at Harley Davidson. The model pictured here is too clean for typical Hell's Angels, though. Sonny Barger was riding K1200LT one point so the ad isn't too far fetched.

Via Ads of the World

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Run Away Bike

Mad runaway bike after a bad crash at the crainer curves in the superstock race before WSBK race 1. At Donington Park UK

I read them for articles

photo by Antonio Esposito

Deus Ex Machina - Harold Park Paceway Revisited

Harold Park Paceway is a few miles down the road from Camperdown (Deus HQ). It was a harness racing track, or 'the Trots' as its affectionately dubbed. 794 meters of premium grade racing gravel.

The prime inner city site was sold to a property developer in 2009 by the state government, since then an injunction has slowed the pace of the redevelopment to a crawl and the track and stadium are slowly falling apart as the courtroom battles continue.

Harness racing is woven into Australian folklore and some great horses have run at Harold Park. They all had killer names; Pure Steel, Paleface Adios and Hondo Grattan. I have memories of these names squawking from my grandfathers trannie as Jonnie Tap got excited calling the miracle Mile.

We have been sneaking in for a quick lap for ages, you get two at best before the caretaker wanders out and gives us a gentle wave on. No aggro, they know we are just having fun. What we really wanted was a good session on the banked gravel without interruption , so we asked to rent it for the day for a photo shoot and called around for willing jockeys. It was bumpy and ungroomed after years of neglect and the developer had drilled core samples at 50m intervals for extra danger. We got some good laps in, some of the dirt virgins pop squirting around with smiles like 10 year olds and an real 10 year old (Tom) who races speedway who trickled out from the pits and proceeded to ride wide open for 7 laps sideways the whole way. This kid will be a star.

All that fun was raising biblical amounts of dust (remember the Sydney dust storm) and the track sits right next to residential streets so it was only a matter of time before we go shut down. Ho hum, some fun laps were had. No one crashed (badly) and we were home in time for tea.

Hires photos from the day found here:​photos/​deuscustoms/​sets/​72157626338458152/​

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Bad wheel. Bad wheel!

We used to...

Neighbors and the Arena along with cops were the right remedy for killing the Good old days....

board track racing

i've heard someone, somewhere in the USA is building a new board track for motorcycle racing. i hope it's really going to happen as i've always wanted to see racing on a board track. anyway here are some pictures of old time board track action, including construction.

Monday, March 28, 2011

His middle name is DANGER.....


Awesome Save

Too bad that MotoGP seems to be getting uninteresting for me. There are only 4 manufacturers racing there....I love SBK, though.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Happy 42nd

I know she is somebody's guilty pleasure.

I like her because she is a big supporter of many charitable organizations for animal rescue, the American Red Cross, civil rights, gay rights and so on.

Happy Birthday Pauley.

CZ and Melissa Giraldo


70's Style

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pictures From "Relief for Japan" art show

Thanks for all the artists who have donated the art works, always hard working Mark Walker and Pastor of the Go Away church, Mitch Willis.

And all the people who supported the show and purchased the art.

We will be posting the total amount of money we raised and how we gonna send it over there and such soon...

photography by Patricia Brown
If you want to see more pictures, become her friend on facebook.