Big Auction

Big Auction

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sons of Anarchy Fake Tat

The popular biker gang TV show,
"Sons of Anarchy" is coming back on Sept. 6th. And FX is pumping the show like it still needs it. At the same time, Fx shop is selling all those show related merchandises. I did not know what to say when I spotted this temporary tattoo of the fictional MC logo.

Wear your Sons of Anarchy colors without the pain or initiation. Perfect for that SAMCRO fanatic or anyone wanting to intimidate other motorists, the Sons of Anarchy Temporary Reaper Tattoo applies easily with water. Have your friends thinking you joined the Sons of Anarchy!

Two temporary tattoos included. 16 bucks a pop at the FX shop

Ah....No thanks. What? "anyone wanting to intimidate other motorists"? I would laugh my ass off and pee in my pants if some douche bag got this thing on the back and riding a bike naked.

Test Rider's Close Call.

Gizmag's automotive writer and often test rider and driver, Los Blain had a close call on BMW S1000RR

I saw a 4WD (probably a Toyota Hilux) coming the other way, about a foot into my lane. No problem, happens all the time - but in general the driver realizes they're running wide, corrects their path and there's no issue.

This guy didn't - in fact, at the last second he ran even wider. I managed to dodge him by a matter of a couple of inches, but ran off the road in the process. Luckily the BMW is laden with smart ABS and traction control technology that helped me scrub off some speed in the grass and gravel, and get it back on the road, leaving us with this spectacular video footage.

It occurred to me that had I managed to dodge the oncoming 4WD, then run off the road and crashed, the statistics and the newspapers would tell a familiar story: "a 34 year-old motorcyclist and a female passenger were killed today when the rider lost control of his 1000cc sportsbike. It was a single vehicle accident, speed is believed to be a factor."

Perhaps next time you hear a motorcycle crash distilled down to those words, think of this video and realize that not all single vehicle accidents are the rider's fault. Ride safe out there!

Oh, and if anyone reckons they know how to extract a license plate from a few blurred frames of video footage, we'd love to hear how to do it!

Via: Gizmag

Ride safe everyone. Cars are out there to get you.

Son of a Gun

Larry Houghton of Lamb Engineering machined and fabricated almost all parts of this bike. The engine is from an old racing 1951 BSA. All materials were sourced from his friends' scrap bin, and rest of parts (engine, gearbox, wheels etc.) were gathered from eBay.

Amall TT carb brakes and all parts made and designed by Larry himself. The design were inspired by cross between 60s racing Hondas, FSIE Yamahas and British motorcycle heritage.

According to Larry, the build time is in excess of 1400hrs, although monetary costs fairly small, approx 9000 dollars including paint.

He named the bike "Son of a Gun". There is his shop's web site but it was not working when I

Happy 83rd

I am glad that "Snow Dog" isn't his last movie. It is "American Gun" I have no idea if it is any good, though.

Abnormal Cycles Side car

Beautifully crafted Art Deco sidecar hooked it up to a 1942 Harley-Davidson Model U by Abnormal Cycles.

Just Pics

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Super Lion

here are some pictures of the penultimate Fowler traction engine the model B-6. called the Super Lion it was a 10nhp engine shown here in two forms one the showman's engine in the first two pictures and as a crane engine in the next two. the last picture is the Iron Maiden a Fowler 7nhp engine. i just used it so we could see a picture with the chimney extension in place. they use these extensions when operating in public so as to keep the smoke out of people's faces. hopefully.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rear Access Helmet

Motorcycle helmet's biggest dilemma is that it has to be snug to protect the head but in case of accident, paramedic would have hard time removing it from the victim without disturbing the head or the neck. It takes two person to do that job safely. Australia's John Vozzo first came up with rear access helmet - with the release of one pin and two clips, the back of the helmet detaches and the front can be slid off. What? it is safer to have two parts helmet? They actually claim that the met offers more protection to the jaw and temples than traditional full-face helmets, and to have a smoother, rounder exterior with less snag points. This is said to result in it being less likely to catch on obstacles, in the event of an accident. The Voztec helmet prototype is currently in its fifth generation and we might be able to see them on shelf pretty soon.

Via: Gizmag

The official Wolrd Fastest Wheely of 2011

The winning run of the world wheely competitions @ elvington on a oldskool suzuki gsxr 1100 '89 turbo

169,4 mph. 272,6 km/h over 1 km

Happy 40th

She is awesome.

Chicks on Bikes

Haven't done that for a while.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

warship Sunday

i always like to get in a little warshipping on Sundays. here are a couple of good pictures of the Imperial Russian armoured Cruiser Admiral Makarov. first picture she is just getting underway. next picture she is moving away from us with more boilers on line. these pictures were obviously taken at different times. check the masts, Admiral Makarov has one in the first picture and two in the second.

large sidecar tug

this sucker is large! apparently has a Russian T-34 tank engine for power. might be kinda fun to ride. if they can think it, they will build it.