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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Graham's last gasp

here are some pictures of the beautiful Graham "Sharknose" of 1937-39. a design meant to symbolize shape in motion was intended to save Graham Motors from extinction. needless to say it failed, they were not popular in the USA although Europeans liked them quite well. the first one is actually a custom made in France as Graham never made a convertible in this body style. next are the 4 door sedan and the 2 door coupe. these could be had with the Graham supercharged inline 6 cyl. engine which was good for 120hp. next to the last picture is the Graham Hollywood made from the Cord 810-812 body dies. these were the 1940 models and also failed to save Graham. too bad, i think they are both great looking cars. last picture is of the Graham supercharged six.


  1. This was also the car that was the inspiration for the "first" Batmobile in the comics back in the early 40s. Pretty brave styling for back in the era.

  2. i did not know that. thanx for the info. sure beats the weird stuff they put on the road nowadays.