Big Auction

Big Auction

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just figured it out on his own.


wouldn't you really rather drive a Ruxton?

produced by the New Era Motor Co. and built by Moon and Kissel 1929-30. very low for the age because of front wheel drive. as you see they also went in for colorful paint jobs as well. the headlights are called Woodlites and gave about as much light as a piece of wood too.


Machine Man / Jack kirby

One of my favorite Kirby titles along with Kamandi.

Rail Inspection

Sidecar's and Bicycles

Monday, January 30, 2012


the Moon automobile was in production from 1905-30. our 1st picture is a Moon ad from the 1920's. 2nd is a 1906 Moon touring car. 3rd is the beautiful 1912 Moon Speedster followed by a 1924 Moon 6-50 touring car. and finally a nice 1928 Moon 6-60 roadster.

Never gets old

red on red sw#&*tchum