Big Auction

Big Auction

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ohv Model A Ford engine

the first pic is what i always wanted to do with my Model A which was my first car. never could afford it and could not find the parts back then. it is easier to find them now with the internet. next pic is what my engine wound up looking like with a downdraft carb, a Mallory distributor and ignition system and a straight pipe. i had an electric fuel pump on mine. downdraft carbs on Model A's do not feed well with gravity flow when going up a long hill. my old Ford was no hot rod but would almost make 80mph if you gave it enough time. much better than stock. the third pic has nothing to do with Model A's i just thought it was a great looking motorcycle. never seen a Jawa like this before.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Killinger and Freund

if you remember the Megola with it's engine in the front wheel you will not forget the Killinger and Freund of the same ilk. more modern and better balanced than the Megola the K and F was lighter and simpler in many ways. it used a 3 cylinder two stroke engine and actually had a clutch and transmission so at a stop the engine continued to run. one of these was found on a German Military Extablishment at the end of WW2 and it is unknown what happened to it thereafter it may have been the only one. the first pic is of the bike when first constructed 1938 or so. next two are of the front wheel and engine unit. with the last two of the bike after the war. a very modern design at the time.

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motorcycle world 1922

continuing with our every 10 year theme here is motorcycle world in 1922. some bikes still look quite a bit like 1912 but they are different mechanically with more horsepower, more overhead valves, better front suspension and much better tires and in many cases brakes are better also. more motorcycles even have front brakes as well. who would have thought that front brakes would ever catch on? on the whole though motorcycles are looking more modern with some streamlining on the gas tanks and fenders, cruising and top speeds are higher also. we now have electrical systems, in many cases with batteries, for running electric head and taillights too. everything is looking up in motorcycle world. our first pic today is of a 550cc single cylinder Triumph with the Ricardo head and four valves per cylinder. that is pretty modern stuff right there. next we have an Indian Scout with V/twin of 600cc displacement and third a 1922 Harley-Davidson. this little bike did not last long in the Harley-Davidson lineup with it's flat twin fore and aft engine much like the English Douglas.
fourth we have the Scott Squirrel of 498cc from England. this is a 2 stroke 2 cylinder engine with liquid cooling. very advanced for the times. Scott always was a little ahead in some ways. they never were what you would call a typical looking motorcycle. and last we have the magnificent 4 cylinder Ace from the USA. Ace was the predecessor of the later Indian inline 4 cylinder motorcycle.

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