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Big Auction

Saturday, March 31, 2012

from the planet's largest island

Sunday warship{death of an armoured cruiser}

at the Battle of Jutland in May of 1916 armoured cruisers were thrown into the mix. they had no business there as they were totally outclassed by the capital ships they were to fight against. armoured cruisers were fairly powerful ships for the day but were in no way designed to fight battleships and battlecruisers. this ship the HMS Black Prince was fired upon, set on fire and blown up with the loss of her entire crew during the night after the main battle by a German battleship. first we see the Black Prince as she was before her destruction. next a picture of gunners loading a shell into a 9.2" naval rifle such as made up Black Prince's main battery. third is a picture of one of Black Prince's football teams and after this a picture of some of the stokers who fired her boilers. last is a painting of HMS Black Prince being caught in the beams of German spotlights as she is set afire and shortly before blowing up and sinking. the armoured cruiser's HMS Defence and HMS Warrior were also lost at Jutland.


How to Pick Your Right Girl

She is attractive, of course, but is that her chief asset? (Try to imagine her ten years from today.)
Do you want her because she is popular–because other men have wanted her? (Don’t be a copy-cat!)
Could you spend seven consecutive evenings in her company without being bored? (If the answer is affirmative, it is a good sign.)
Do you have similar tastes in most things?
Is she a good sport?
Is she reasonably healthy?
Is she a flirt? Does she make you jealous? (Decide whether you can stand the strain; your jealously will persist until you grow indifferent.)
Are you constantly irritated by some small mannerism of hers? (You can’t be terribly in love.)
Does she tell lies? Do you mind?
Is she a nag?
Is she quarrelsome? (The Bible warns, “It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop than with a brawling woman in a wide house.”)
Is she hard on other people? (Don’t judge by her behavior to you.)
Is she trying to reform you? How do you feel about being reformed?
Has she tried to boss you? (Maybe you need a boss.)
Would she put up with all your faults if she knew them?
When you quarrel, who capitulates first? (A combination of two stubborn mules is bad.)
Do you agree on children, or a career, or both? (Better settle this beforehand.)
Does she expect you to support her in a definite style? Could you count on her cooperation in hard times? Would she go to work if necessary?
Will she help you get ahead? Or will she pull you away from your work?
Can she handle money?
If you marry her, will you also be marrying her family?
Does she let you get around to see your old pals? (If you have been too infatuated to notice, make it a point of finding out.)
Are you proud to present her to your friends? (If not, reconsider.)
Do you hope to reform her? (Give up the idea. People change, but not according to plan.)
Do you know her faults? Are you willing to live with them?
Do you still think her perfect? (You’re wrong, of course, but marry!)

The Art of Manliness

Hendrix Experience

One helluva show recently came thru Wichita.
If you get a chance check this one out....mindblowing.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Graham's last gasp

here are some pictures of the beautiful Graham "Sharknose" of 1937-39. a design meant to symbolize shape in motion was intended to save Graham Motors from extinction. needless to say it failed, they were not popular in the USA although Europeans liked them quite well. the first one is actually a custom made in France as Graham never made a convertible in this body style. next are the 4 door sedan and the 2 door coupe. these could be had with the Graham supercharged inline 6 cyl. engine which was good for 120hp. next to the last picture is the Graham Hollywood made from the Cord 810-812 body dies. these were the 1940 models and also failed to save Graham. too bad, i think they are both great looking cars. last picture is of the Graham supercharged six.