Big Auction

Big Auction

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Walker Heads Up

Inside The Saber F1 Race Car!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

by request

Moto Guzzi


This is a Wheelchair/Handicap Motorcycle that Rick Lyda has assembled to give away to a worthy veteran.
The Goons are just putting the final touch's and tune-up on the machine in anticipation of giving it away at
the 2 Wheel Cheap Thrills Show this July....Hoping to see a Bunch of the Ol' Garage Goons get involved with this show ( Been miss'n ya' and the Fun we Make )
Gimme a jingle or Stop by King Kirk #38's homestead this coming Tuesday.

From: king kirk <>

Cc: buck Davis ; Ryan Shultz ; ricky lyda ; mitch willis ; Jeff Roth <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 9:57 PM
Subject: handy hack 400 honda twin.

..well chit,,
Ricky shows up and the first thing he ask...
what do these wires go to?.. puck if i know , first time i ever have saw them..
well did not take long to figure out they went to the neutral /1/ or / 2 switch and
we had pulled them off removing the carbs last week. no problem. ran over to parts
house , picked up some small connectors and lets get these original carbs back on..
switch fixed, carbs installed.. tried to sell the yamaha 80's again,, nope..then . mother-
phucker turns over and over and nothing. chit man, well .. after further review we come to see.. the intake boots are different for the different model carburetors. kool.. easy fix. sure.
swap out the boots, battery recharged, ready, set .. nothing. no lights.. no power .no nutin..
..wires came off the switch again.. our main man Ryan figured out that the switch is inline with the starter system and cannot be bypassed.. soooo .. ryan has taken it upon his self to solder the wires and put some pull connectors inline for removal .. sorry fellows bout the long winded report,, just thought you would wanna know what the fuck is going on.. plans are to hit it again next Tuesday and hell or high water this mofos gonna be running. thanks
and please fwd to any kool kats that might wanna come hang out next..tuesday for the goons galore meeting bike show tell all at king kirks porno palace baby..  be there..

Sancho is Back from Chicago